Welcome to the Uniondale UFSD After-School Program. The goal of our After-school programs is to provide 21st Century skills that will help support our students beyond the school day. We provide academically enriched, recreational, career ready and safe spaces for students to interact with their peers. We hope that your family will join us, in making these programs a success for all of our students this school year.

Project Excel After-School

Programs will be held at each Elementary school beginning September 9th 2024.

Applications Are OPEN TODAY UNTIL Thur. 6/5

Project Excel After school 2024 Registration link

Look for information on your school's website.

21st Century After-School

Programs will be held at each Middle & High School beginning October 12th

Middle & High School Afterschool Programs

Summer 21st Century Programs

Cassandra Mehu
Asst. Coordinator of Grants

Cornelius Court