School Counseling (Guidance)

The Uniondale School District strives to provide a comprehensive guidance program that assures student development focused on the whole child. We aspire to cultivate atmospheres that are conducive to academic, social, emotional, and physical growth. 

The district provides a vast array of course offerings to meet the needs of our diverse school population. It is imperative that both parents and students have a clear understanding of these offerings to make informed decisions that will motivate and challenge scholars as they meet promotional standards. 

Each of our K-12 scholars have access to a school counselor. School counselors work diligently with all stakeholders (parents, students, staff, administration, and the community) to maximize student achievement. Our department seeks to identify and determine each student’s ability and interest to maximize their learning experience in preparation for post-secondary studies and/or employment in order to become productive members of our larger more complex society. 

Any parent/guardian who has any questions or concerns and/or would like to find out more about our program and our department is welcomed to contact the School Counseling Department of their respective school(s) to schedule an appointment. 

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Stacie M. Reid
Director of Guidance
Rm# 134
Uniondale High School

Dawn Roberto