Social Studies

Social Studies K-12 education promotes civic competence through the  study of the social sciences and humanities. Social Studies provides coordinated study that draws upon such disciplines as anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, history, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, belief systems, and sociology, as well as upon appropriate content from the humanities, mathematics, and natural sciences. 

The primary purpose of Social Studies is to help our students develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.

All social studies curricula are based on the New York State K-12 Social Studies Framework which is designed to prepare our students for college, careers, and civic life with courses that are rigorous and aligned to the New York State Learning Standards for Social Studies. 

Embedded within the framework are the social studies practices that represent the social science and historical thinking skills that our students will develop throughout their K-12 social studies education in our district. These practices are the following: 1)Gathering, Interpreting and Using Evidence 2)Chronological Reasoning and Causation 3)Comparison and Contextualization 4)Geographic Reasoning 5) Economics and Economic Systems 6) Civic Participation


David Hollander
Director of Social Studies

Brett Dotson